You spent a fortune building a website and, after a few days, it’s not yet converting as you were hoping. You posted 2 links on Facebook and Twitter and almost nothing happened.

You generated 15 visits with a disastrous Bounce Rate of 94%. And most probably, the 6% who stayed was actually your mom. You are not alone.

You will then feel the urge to burn some cash on Paid Ads.

Burn, Marketing Money, Burn

Generating qualified traffic is a full time job

Getting people to visit your site and convert didn’t get over-easy because of the internet. …

Not sure if I say this to my future self or to my kids, but my goal has always been about building an Online Asset Portfolio. The Ultimate dream is to have enough sites generating Passive Income.

By Online Asset PortfolioI mean websites that are generating Revenues through those 3 channels (in order of preference):

  1. Print on Demand eCommerce;
  2. Affiliation Marketing sites (not Drop-shipping);
  3. eCommerce with Inventory.

I do NOT go for Drop-shipping websites as I believe its Profit Margin is way too low (15–20% gross profit at best). To advertise correctly and provide a value-added service (online chat +…

Staying at the top of the Organic Traffic, meaning getting thousands of daily visits through non-paid ads, is a continuous improvement. Speeding Up your Wordpress is one way to keep it at Google search result page 1.

It’s been years that we are fighting to fight Wordpress’ slowness demons. The Database structure combined with fat, but nicely designed, Themes is creating constant challenges.

While WooCommerce Core Web Vitals are not natively optimized, running a few tasks can improve the experience in a quick way.

We usually investigate the speed when we run out of ideas on how to generate more…

We’d like to introduce Jenna Nienhius, the author of this week’s “Every SoundViz has a story.” Jenna has been a long time friend of Chelsea and I and we’re excited for her contribution to the SoundViz story! — Tyler

Song: “American Girl” by Tom Petty

From an outside perspective, it’s simply hundreds of colorful lines on a page. It fluctuates; drawing your eyes up and down, fast and then slow, traveling across the page like an unknown story told through sound.

To give you the inside scoop, my “American Girl” sound wave in it’s most basic form, is the result…

This article is an excerpt from Spencer Soper’s post on Bloomberg News. I am only adding my comments targeting e-Commerce shop owners. Inc. is locked in a margin-crushing price war with Walmart.Canadian Press Inc., locked in a margin-crushing price war, is offloading costs onto suppliers and limiting the number of single, low-priced items shoppers can purchase in an effort to offset rising shipping costs.

In a marked shift in strategy, the e-commerce giant is raising transportation fees for suppliers of beverages, diapers and other heavy, bulky products that are expensive to ship, say two people familiar with the matter. Amazon is also preparing to make it harder for shoppers to…

Setting up an eCommerce shop will take you minutes with Shopify and Amazon Seller Central. It will take 10 to 20 hours doing it from a fresh Wordpress instance on a new hosting.

Who cares your first bikini shop is not great as long as you start selling quickly

Too many people are reading all the available resources on how to set up an eCommerce, how to sell fast, how to hack the growth. They forget that for an entrepreneur, every single hour spend has to have an immediate effect on profit.

The key is to implement a number of products quickly. For that we use product generation tools on fresh Magento or WooCommerce instances. We…

The main source of overhead and slow down for an e-Commerce implementation is the Product Merchandising. This requires staff and a lot of time to build. Most of the challenged e-Commerce projects is due to the catalog not being ready on time.

In online Retail, the Product Merchandising is a huge bottleneck. It requires a lot of resources, especially if you sell in Europe, where you have to switch content’s language every 50 Km.

When we started implementing e-Commerce channels to big brands, we were quickly exposed to the lack of coherence in Data sources. …

Instead of letting the majority of their salable items languish without content, online retailers are now turning to Natural Language Generation (NLG) to engage customers and appeal to search engines with dynamic product descriptions. NLG delivers the first truly scalable and personal solution for selling online.

The table marble java, a gem found by our tool in Conforama’s store

The key element of our Analytics observations is how customer engagement online is being transformed by NLG technology. Competition in the e- and m-Commerce world is more intense than ever. …

We just ended pitching Mash’n Learn at our first Sales Conference on e-Commerce in North France (Lille CONEXT) and we managed to raise interest for a few local big names.

Leila Rebbouh R&D, Nicolas Evrard Dev, Martijn Duynstee Exec Manager, Edouard Seynaeve Prestashop Partner, Stephan Pire Sales & Marketing

Explaining what is Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and how it can help e-Commerce is tough. The way I was explaining the work IBM Watson is doing for us looked like a glorified Google Translate.

The fact is Google Translate scares the shit out of merchants. Bad translation has led to nightmares in countries like Germany and UK for French retailers.

It’s all about great product descriptions

The local big name we won’t name at this stage…

My main hobby since 2010 is to build and grow online shops (many, pretty much all industries and targeting US, UK, France and Belgium). As a hobby-coder and old school engineer, my passion is about making every Commerce Bot-style (nearly)automated. Mash’n Learn is built around this.

I don’t do this because I like building stuff; I do this because I’m friggin lazy* and I like to see rivers of codes and cron jobs running e-Commerce errands in my place.

*I’m from Liege, Belgium. …

Stephan Pire is an Online Shopping Entrepreneur flying between Liege(BE) & Chicago IL. Thriving at seeking ways to deploy faster and bigger.

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